The Brand Pl1922

The Brand   Pl 1922

The brand story      


As a jewellery brand established on 12th October 2004, Panna lal roshan lal  has created a distinctive identity for itself. The brand is proud to have set a number of benchmarks in the industry.

Pl 1922  introduced the entirely suave concept of 1 gm Gold jewellery, a total new idea in this trade. These pieces of art for the first time came with a vast range of ethnic & designer jewellery, where the price range forces the unaffordable to be affordable.       . 
In the second anniversary celebrations pl 1922 introduced “the Italian touch” in 1 gm gold jewellery With a commitment to 360 degree consumer satisfaction and quest for delivering highest value.


                  The Survey in  2005, claimed the inexpensive form of real jewellery to have 4 times more turnovers that with precious jewellery  in the country.Pl 1922 being the major retailer in this industry captured  Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore and  targeted solely at women between 18-64 years with 40% of them being workingwomen and  The target group was covered in and around shopping malls, banks, corporate areas and commercial zones, making the sample more relevant to the objective.

 Pl1922was conceived – and is now established – as an accessible brand, both affordable and high-end, that rises above the concept of jewellery and approaches the bigger concept of lifestyle expression. In other words, pl 1922  was conceived and launched as a brand with a high inspirational value backed by the highest degree of customer trust.



     In 2009 november , Times of india created a survey of drooping of real gold sales in comparison with 1 gm/ si;ver art  jewellery , where pl1922 stood on a gm/ si;ver art  jewellery , where pl1922 stood on a high and was interviewed by Times Of India