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At phil teds, we're a bunch of heads keen to help others. Our phil&thropic work makes a difference to the lives of people around the world, and we're genuinely proud of this... 

phil-ed to the brim with warm fuzzies, in fact. You can read more about our current charitable initiatives below. 


buggies for good

Buggies for Good is all about giving back - helping deserving families, communities and organisations to keep on, keepin' on. Along with our sample product and seconds stock, we collect pre-loved buggies from our phil&teds and Mountain Buggy friends. All are given a warrant of fitness to ensure they’re in good working order, before being donated back into the community - to families and organisations helping others.

Since launching in 2009, we've rehomed over 500 phil teds and Mountain Buggy products. Families and organisations - including Australian children's hospice - Bear Cottage, an orphanage in South Africa, and New Zealand's Ronald McDonald House - are now able to support their cause more easily. 

We want to do more! So, if you’ve got a buggy that you want to give the push, or know of an organisation or family that we can help, email [email protected] . From buggy donations to charitable associations, we heart helping.

SRT logo win - 260 x 260

Surgical Research Trust & phil teddy

At phil teds, we align ourselves with organisations that seek to make a positive change in the world. The Surgical Research Trust does just that! It gives Kiwi researchers the opportunity to further both medical and surgical knowledge through funding chosen research projects. From investigations into better anaesthetic techniques to the evaluation of paediatric trauma scores, we're genuinely proud to say that we've aided $120K worth of research.

As part of phil teds' sponsorship of the Surgical Research Trust, thousands of phil teddy bears will be donated to Kiwi kids undergoing surgery. It's great to have a friend when you're in hospital during, what can be, a scary time. From comfort cuddles to smiles on dials, phil teddy is there to make a child's recovery that little bit more bear-able. As well as being a little buddy, phil teddy can be used by doctors as a prop when explaining a surgical procedure. Each bear comes with an adoption certificate so that children can name their bear before taking it home and getting better together.

Rare Disorders Logo

Rare Disorders NZ

At phil&teds, we’re passionate about helping others. From donations to foundations or fundraising occasions, we heart going the extra mile. So when our friends at Rare Disorders NZ needed a space to do their thing, we invited them to work out of our Wellington support office - rent free.

There are more than 7,000 known rare disorders which collectively affect 350,000 New Zealanders – half of whom are children. Our neighbouring team of superheroes advocate hard to make NZ a better place for families, and we’re all for that!

As well as helping families, patients and healthcare providers find essential information and support groups, Rare Disorders NZ are passionate advocates for health policy and a healthcare system that works for those living with an uncommon health condition.

Meet some of the 350,000 Kiwis living with a rare disorder here


Anna and Heath NZ Herald credit Stephen Parker